Blender4FTC material library and addon is natively designed for the Cycles render engine as it is a physically-based ray-tracing engine as it is the most realistic and easiest engine to use. However, Cycles comes with it's downsides aswell. Complex renders can take up to an hour on lower end computers and animations are often impractical due to the length it takes to render them. EEVEE, an alternate render engine, is capable of realtime rendering up to 30fps on high end computers, having less photo-realism. Due to lower end computers and EEVEE being able to render at high speeds with decent photorealism, we have decided to branch Blender4FTC into EEVEE.

Thanks to Shaurya from team #10669 many of the materials are redone to work better with EEVEE, and I have redone the field scene and material library accordingly.