What is Blender4FTC?

Blender4FTC is a Blender addon and material library designed to make CAD rendering simple and easy, while being fully customizable for advanced users.

FTC Rendering Community Discord

We now have a community discord for rendering help and discussion!​

Blender4FTC Features:

Material Library Blender4FTC has a 43 material/shader library containing common materials used for FTC and CAD. Materials in default library include: goBILDA Yellow Jacket, Wood Floor, Void Background, Field Tile, Smoked Polycarb/Acrylic Glass, Ring, Red Hard Plastic, Polycarb/Acrylic Glass, Plywood, Mirror, MecanumRollers Yellow, MecanumRollers Grey, Light Carbon Fiber(CYCLES), HDPE/Hard Plastic, goBILDA Servo, Glass, Delrin, Dark Standard Metal, Dark Rubber, Dark Plywood, goBILDA Dark Jacket, Dark Carbon Fiber(CYCLES), Dark Alluminum, Carbon Fiber(EEVEE), Brushed Steel, Black-Oxide Coating, Alluminum, Standard Metal, 3DPrinted Template, 3DPrinted Red, 3DPrinted Orange, 3DPrinted Green, 3DPrinted Blue, 3DPrinted Black Material Customization Ontop of a 40 material library, the majority of the materials are fully customizable, whether it be through Blender's node shading interface or the custom Material Workshop
Material Workshop
Scene Management Blender4FTC can auto-configure render settings based on a color theme and computer performance. The Scene Management panel in the addon allows you to adjust compositing(post processing) effects, render settings, and position of camera with ease of access.
Scene Management Panel
Scene Presets Blender4FTC includes 2 default scene "presets" to assist with scene management. Field Preset: Blender4FTC includes a pre-made field scene embedded inside of the addon with the material library.
Field Scene
Void Panel/VPanel VPanel is an easily configurable plain color background
VPanel Settings
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